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o made it clear in a judge▓ment that the NPC Standing Committee has the power to make the interpretation of the HKSAR Ba▓sic Law. This power originates from the Chinese Constitution and is contain

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ed in the HKSAR Basic Law itself, and is in general and unqualified t▓erms.As per the decision on handling the laws previously in force in Hong Kong in accordance with Artic▓le 160 of the Basic Law of HKSAR, which was made ▓by the NPC Standing Committee on Feb. 23, 1▓997, the Eme

rgency Regulations Ordinan▓ce was adopted as a law of the HKSAR, the principal official said.The principal official sa▓id they are confident that facing the most important and pressing task for Hong Kong ▓at present of bringing violence and chaos to an end and restoring order, all walks of life in Hong▓ Kong will firmly support the chief exec▓utive and the HKSAR government in governing in▓ accordance with

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the law and taking active measures, firmly support the Hong Kong police in strictly enforcing the law, and firmly support t


he Hong Kong judicial bodi▓es in punishing the violent criminals in accordance ▓with the law. Please scan the QR Code to fo

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llow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChina's ambassador to Britain has said that the top priori


ty in Hong Kong is to "end violence and restore order," denouncing what he called the "inhuman, murde▓rous violence" that "mu

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st not be tolerated."Murderous violence in Hong Kong 'must n▓ot be tolerated': China's ambassador to UKM▓urderous violence in

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Hong Kong 'must▓ not be tolerated': China's ambassador to UK11-19-2019 09:▓32 BJTChina's ambassador to Britain has said that the


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top priority in Hong Kong is to "end violence and restore▓ order," denouncing what he called the "inhuman, murd▓erous violence" that "must not be to?/p>

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坙erated."Rioters in Hong Kong occupied roads and buildings at the Poly▓technic University of Hong Kong over the weekend. On Sun▓day, they shot arrows

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and hurled petrol bombs from the campu▓s at police, and set fire to the flyover connecting ▓the campus and the Hung Hom MTR station. One police office

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